Friday, September 14, 2018


I remember dreaming when I was a kid, I would have nightmares as well. Growing up I was told by my superstitious mother that if you woke up smiling from a dream it was a bad omen but if you woke up crying from one it was a good sign. I always thought to myself she had to have had that backwards. I can't remember the last time I had a dream before today. I honestly can't....without noticing I stopped dreaming sometime in my teens and before I was the wiser my nights would just be a blackout of six to eight hours.

Somewhere in my life I had stopped dreaming and it wasn't something that really worried me. Every night when I went to bed it was just pitch black no dreams nothing. I would later find out in my adult life that dreams only happen in REM sleep. Your body needs to go into deep sleep for you to be able to have dreams, and people who snore sometimes could not dream because the snoring interfered with going into deep sleep or it would interrupt it. I knew from girlfriends, family and friends that I snored like a  rusty chainsaw.

What I didn't know was not only did I snore, I would actually stop breathing during the night and gasp for air continuously and as the years went by it became worse. I have been recently diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea. My case is so dire that its life threatening and I only found out because I began to fall asleep at the most inopportune times. I would fall asleep at my desk writing up an email, in a boring meeting, when I drove long distances (this scared me). For all intents and purposes I was suffering from narcolepsy but the cause was not neurological.

Skip to today and I am now on a cpap machine to breathe while I sleep, and although its only been a couple days I feel so energised during the day. Its like night and day now my energy levels compared to before, but what got me back here on blogger after so many years was that last night I had a dream. I dreamt something, and when I woke up I knew immediately I had just woken up from one. I teared up, not because of what I dreamt but because of the feelings that welled up in me knowing that I had a fucking dream and that means I'm finally getting REM sleep. I am finally resting and sleeping like a normal person.

I am excited now for the nights, eagerly awaiting the possibilities of what my next dream will be.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Watching Archer while I write this...

Does anyone even write blogs anymore? sheesh. I was clearing up my bookmarks when I came across my old blog in there. How nostalgic. Little update... I'm older. Lot older, ha! Anyhow Enclosed is a recent pic of me if you're wondering...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm still here.

Wow. I forgot about this blog ha ha. I remember updating this thing almost weekly and now I don't seem to be able to find the time for a short post. How does anyone? I've noticed all my blog buddies are pretty much in the same dire straits as I am. Well first things first, I'll begin with a few updates in my life.

The Job: I've moved recently from a Network and Systems Administrator to purely a Systems Administrator now. I've been having more fun in this area to be honest and I think the transition was bound to happen. I had to chose between one or the other, I liked networking but just not as much, also the head of that department and myself don't always agree on everything. In systems administration I will have more freedom to do what needs to be done and move the system in a direction I can shape more freely. I've also been doing research and training, (paid by my employer of course) in the field of linux administration. I will be responsible for Administering many linux boxes on the network now, so I gotta get back to my command line roots.

The love life: Earlier you might have remembered me saying it was in shambles... the current status is (a work in progress). I have been smitten by a young lady from Orange walk but I wont go into more details. The relationship is complicated and to be honest I am satisfied with where it is for now because I know that is all I can get, for now at least. I want more sure, who doesn't but you work with what you have and get and hope that it'll take off from there. The real question is "am I happy?" and the answer to that is yes.  Ps: dry humping is fun

Myself: I have matured a lot over the years I have to say, I am no longer that much of an introvert and I try my best to get out there now. I've started a company with some partners and I've been making steady cash on the side from it. Hopefully it takes off and becomes something in the future. We sell electronics, android phones, apple products, we fix stuff , do networking you name it. Pretty much an all around tech company. I might have matured personality wise, I talk to people I've burned bridges with in the past etc but I still have the same style, long hair and earings... sheesh, gotta grow out of it I guess. Not too happy with my weight at the moment but its something I am adamant and serious in undertaking.

Well I have work to do, and this was just a lil time I took away from it.

BTW the missus wants me to download WOW to play with her.... yes she's just that awesome. Not to mention she has a mean right hook in mortal kombat.


Friday, December 9, 2011

At work still limping.

My leg still kills me when I walk on it... the pain is little by little each day subsiding but recovery is a bitch and I think it's taking way too long. My days consists of me waking up an hour early so I can limp around and get ready for work, and instead of catching the bus to the terminal then another to Belmopan I've had my youngest brother drive me in my Lexus to the terminal to take the bus to Belmopan. He picks me up as well when I arrive to take me home as I try to avoid walking as much as possible. The doctor says I really need to stay off the foot but I really need to work too. I've been taking muscle relaxers and ibuprofen to keep the swelling and pain to a minimum. I've weened myself off the pain killers. Everyday when I come home I go straight to my bed and relax my foot on a pillow, of course I get no rest because my room seems to be the gaming hub of the house. My brothers are always in there until 3-4 am playing modern warfare 3. Last night however I kicked em out around 2 am to get some quiet sleep time.

On a brighter note, all my xmas present orders I made online have arrived. Now all I have to do is wrap them up. My new iphone 4S came in the mail as well. I don't know if I mentioned it but my old iphone 3GS' antenna got damaged about a month back and I've been without a cellphone since then, its been an experience, fun because work can't surprise me with a call to do work somewhere haha and at the same time it sucks because I've been out of touch with friends. So I decided to upgrade to the 4S I bought the factory unlocked version from apple so I don't have to worry about jail breaking or unlocking and I got the cheapest model as I intend to upgrade to the 5 next year. I got video games for my brothers, Elder scrolls: Skyrim for Gian and Battlefield 3 for Mick. uhh I bought my dad a new cellphone cuz his one was giving trouble too, this cool water/shock proof phone, he is very clumsy and prone to accidents so this phone will last longer than the rest. His last touch screen phone didn't even last a year. My mom I got a necklace with a locket and a laptop bag as she has none for her mini. Erika... my brother's girlfriend of almost 9 years now, whom I consider almost my sister I have not gotten anything yet for! I however am thinking of getting her an itunes gift card because she just got her iphone too as a xmas present from her dad. If not that I will buy a shit load of books for her kindle which Mick bought for her for xmas, but shhhh she doesn't know any of this yet. I ordered the phone for her dad and the kindle for mick too, she will be surprised!

I like Christmas. In my home its always spent with family, great food and me and my brothers enjoying the latest video games... ha. kids at heart really.

till next time.